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Article: The Most popular Items in Toys & Games for Australian Kids

Toys & Games for Australian kids

The Most popular Items in Toys & Games for Australian Kids

Toys are the real source of joy for any child. Every child should be extremely happy to get a great toy that they love. Toys are the real source of happiness for kids. Are you looking for some toys from the kids toy market, then look n further as we have come up with the best toys for both boys and girls. Also, we will provide the toys for both higher age kids as well from the Australian Toy store. Let’s start 

So, what are the best toys for both Girls? Let’s start with Boys first: 

Toys for Boys 

From the Remote controlled cars to Lego Toys to School stuff, we have great toys and school-taking essentials for your little boys and they will definitely love it. Here are the best toys for boys from Australia Toy Store

Rastar Lamborghini 1:24 Scale FKP 37

Lamborghini, the dream car for many now in a mini scaled 1:24 scaled form for your kids. This is a remote-controlled car toy that your little boy or boys will adore. The Lamborghini Remote Controlled Car is very easy to operate. It comes with a remote that has a Lamborghini Logo on it. Through this remote, you can drive it around your house. The Remote controller has functions of forward and reverse. Plus you can control the directions with dedicated buttons on the controller. 

With a great RC speed of 4 MPH and high-quality ABS plastic, this RC car can withstand simple accidents. Get it today!

Lamborghini Remote Controlled Car

Radio Controlled Ferrari F40 R/C 1:24 scale

Ferrari, now a Remote Controlled model of the size of 1:24 is a small scaled model of the most iconic Ferrari of all time, The Ferrari F40. It’s a beautiful small scaled RC car. The Ferrari F40 Remote Controlled Car is simple to use. It comes with a remote with the Ferrari logo. You may drive it around your house with this remote. The remote controller contains forward and reverse buttons. You may also control the directions with the controller's specific buttons. 

With a great RC speed of 4 MPH and high-quality ABS plastic, this RC car can withstand simple accidents. Get it today from the toy store Australia that has every time you can think about, ToysMarket

Radio Controlled Ferrari F40 R/C 1:24 scale

Rainbow Bear Pop It - Sensory Fidgets

The best sensory fidget toy for both teens and kids. Just a single touch and you will fidget and press with the toy and popping. 

Rainbow bear pop it Fidget Toy is like popping bubble wrap. Have you ever popped the bubble wrap and how fun it is? Except, this doesn’t pop for once like a bubble wrap but it keeps going on. 

A great stress buster as it can easily relieve any kind of tension in muscles. Great for both kids as well as adults as it can really work on stress or just pop it for fun. 

Rainbow Bear Pop It - Sensory Fidgets

Lego Race Buggy 

Take this amazing Off-road buggy that’s a true joy on wheels. Kids will love this buggy and race it with other kids as an off-roader toy. The Australian toy store provides this Lego buggy for the best playing experience for little kids. This toy really teaches the kids to do fun races with kids and driving skills. Although, not so safe, we advise strict parental supervision when kids play with these toys. So, get it from the ToysMarket today. 

Lego Race Buggy

Toys for Girls 

From doll houses to Barbie to color-changing surprise pets, let’s see some amazing toys for girls. 

Color Change Surprise Pets 

The eggs of mystery. Take these eggs out and hatch them to get surprised. Get the Color change Surprise Pets from these eggs. Called Rainbocorns, these adorable little pets have true shimmers, glitters, and bling. 

Its Glitzy eggs give surprises and have the best surprises from these eggs. Gather all the eggs and then switch the wings, gems, hair clips, and wings. There are 36 total eggs and you have to collect all. 

This package contains 4 eggs, 4 itzy Glitzys, 2 rings, 2 hair clips, 4 Pop and Swap Hearts, 4 wings, and 1 Collector guide to play, swap and pop. 

Color Change Surprise Pets

Barbie Building Set Animal Grooming

Discover true nurture and animal care with 3 Babie Micro dolls. These 3 dolls will take care of these cute animals in an Animal Grooming Center. The animals include a Koala, Turtle, Panda, Sloth, and baby Sloth. 

Play with animals while you groom them with the use of accessories like a water bottle, brush, stethoscope, and many more. The Building set makes you learn while you play along. 

Hide Inside Design Studio

Make your own putty with the Crazy Aaron’s® Hide Inside!® putty!. The possibilities are infinite with the Hide Inside Design Studio. 

Follow the full instructions and create a putty game - mix it and play with the Hide Inside. This game can really help in making better eye and har coordination from its fun and little tactile play experiences. 

This putty is safe for kids, non-toxic, and won’t leave any residue on fingers. It’s great for kids as well as adults too. 

Hide Inside Design Studio

Toys for Little Kids 

Fisher Price People Travel Together

Just buckle up and get ready to take off in the Fisher Price People Travel together which can take little people for a great flying adventure. Get the cutest airplane toys which have two small figurines that will fly with the plane. The toy is a true joy to own and play with as it teaches you to care and have fun at the same time. Get it today from Toys Market Australian Toy store 

Fisher Price People Travel Together

Fisher Price Little School Bus

Embark on a great journey to the wonderland and back with the Fisher Price Little School Bus that will take your child on a beautiful toy journey of fun. 

Get your child enrolled in this Fisher Price bus today and your child will take the two figurines on a great imaginative adventure with this Fisher Price School bus. 

Fisher Price Little School Bus


Lastly, there are the best toys we have discovered that will really be a lot of fun and provide a wonderful playtime for little boys and girls. You can get all of these toys on our kids toy market that is Toys Market. Get it today and make their childhood super fun. 

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